Everyday Carry: Terminal

Nothing kills pre-vacation euphoria quite like having to go through airport security. That’s especially true for everyday carry enthusiasts, as there’s always a chance that you’ll be held up and searched for the things you carry in your pockets. Fortunately, there’s plenty of options out there for TSA-compliant everyday carry to make your life a lot easier and less fraught with distress at the hands of TSA agents.

This week’s pocket dump is full of noteworthy gear that would suit you well any day of your life but is especially handy and helpful when it comes to a jet-setting lifestyle. Up your travel EDC game with this gear — it’ll speed up the worst parts of your trip and serve you brilliantly until the time comes to head back home.

Leatherman Piranha 2 Multi-Tool

Most folding multi-tools are not travel-friendly. And even those that are can set you back at security, while the TSA checks for blades. Circumvent all of that lost time by opting instead for the Leatherman Piranha 2 multi-tool. With no moving parts, it’s a lot less likely to get you searched, but it still boasts seven built-in functions that include a bottle opener, stepped hex wrenches, a hex driver (complete with a 2-sided bit), and more.

Purchase: $15

Armatus Vita Kydex Travel Wallet

Made from remarkably durable, waterproof Kydex thermo-plastic, this USA-made travel wallet is one of the toughest non-metallic passport holders ever created. And that goes for the hardware, too, as the snap-button closure and nylon strap are also mil-spec. Inside, you’ll find enough room for your passport, pocket notebooks, various documents, and even an EDC pen. All of that and it still weighs just 3.3 ounces.

Purchase: $30

Fisher Space Pen Trekker

For those not in the know, Fisher Space Pen is the company that has been making NASA astronauts’ writing utensils since the sixties. And they’ve incorporated those same technologies into their consumer products, as well. For instance, their Trekker pen boasts the same pressurized cartridge and ink allowing for underwater, zero gravity, and upside-down writing. It also boasts a secure clip-on cap with a keychain attachment, a rubberized grip for increased comfort, and a stainless steel body. Plus, it was made in the USA and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Purchase: $40

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to travel gear, it’s about finding the perfect combination of portability and quality. And the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 wireless earbuds have both in spades. True wireless earbuds, these are remarkably portable — even their charging case is pocket-sized. They’re also of remarkably high-quality, boasting superb hi-fi audio in a tiny package. And their simple and intuitive touch controls make using them as simple as it gets.

Purchase: $245

Lum-Tec Combat B42 Chronograph Watch

Inspired by battlefield-ready field watches, Lum-Tec’s B42 Chronograph boasts a signature style that looks good regardless of the occasion. But the build quality, materials, and tech inside are far beyond the simple watches that inspired this one. For starters, it features a reliable Japanese quartz Miyota movement housed inside of a titanium carbide-coated stainless steel case. It also has an anti-shock mounting system inside, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and 200m water-resistance. Best of all, while the battery will last for up to five years, it also comes with a lifetime of free replacements.

Purchase: $495