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May 15, 2019

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Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the extreme cultural impact that Supreme has had on the worlds of fashion and gear. Originally established in New York City back in 1994, the James Jebbia-founded label got its start with a heavy emphasis on skateboarding — focusing primarily on apparel suited to the counter-culture movement. While their second store didn’t open until 2004, the company soon exploded in regards to popularity amongst fans of rock, hip-hop, and streetwear around the globe. By 2017, the label had 11 stores around the world and an indelible and iconic presence permeating all facets of youth culture. And their instantly-recognizable red-and-white logo has been plastered on all manner of gear from t-shirts, to mopeds, electric guitars, and everything in-between. They even once released a branded brick — yes, the kind used to build houses. Today, they’re a ubiquitous force that’s showing no signs of stopping or slowing down. Get onboard or don’t — Supreme is here to stay, regardless.

Supreme Organizer Pouch

Simple, stylish, and straightforward, this dopp kit-style organizer pouch is as eye-catching as it is useful. With a simple zipper closure on the main compartment, a grab handle, and a secondary external pocket, this bag is perfect for all manner of gear — toiletries, everyday carry, or otherwise.

Purchase: $56

Supreme SIGG Traveller Water Bottle

Staying hydrated, especially as the weather starts to heat up, is an absolute necessity. But that doesn’t mean the water bottle you do it with has to be boring or plain — not so long as Supreme has something to say about it. That’s why they released this stainless steel vessel capable of holding up to 20 ounces of any liquid of your choice.

Purchase: $72

Supreme Quiet Carry Bandit Keychain Knife

Quiet Carry’s Bandit Keychain Knife was already an exceptional piece of everyday carry gear with its discreet stature, AUS-8 1.2″ steel blade, and all-metal construction. But Supreme managed to make it even better with just a splash of eye-catching color. Perfect for those who want a knife but don’t have the room for a dedicated folding blade, this cutting tool is top-notch.

Purchase: $91

Supreme Zippo Lighter

Made in the USA and featuring a lifetime warranty, Zippo’s lighters are unmatched in quality. Of course, if style is of the utmost importance in your life, you might find them wanting. But that’s where Supreme comes in, slathering their signature red-and-white logo on the exterior of this fire starter. Whatever your incendiary needs, this lighter will always serve you well.

Purchase: $100

Supreme Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen

Everyone should keep an everyday carry pen in their pockets, whether you’re headed to the office, running errands, or even heading out to the wilderness. And if you’re a Supreme fanatic, this is the one for you. A simple and useful ballpoint done up in the brand’s iconic colors, this screw-top pen is perfect for jotting down notes and looks good in the process.

Purchase: $107

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