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Jan 24, 2018

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For many folks, especially up north in preparation for the winter time, chopping up firewood can be an everyday task – meaning it literally needs to be done every single day. Lest those folks would like to risk braving the freezing cold when the time comes. Yes, it’s true that you could just go buy yourself some logs at a nearby shop, but we know that – like us – there are plenty of people who’d rather do it themselves. It offers both a sense of accomplishment and can save a little scratch. But, in order to get that wood cut and ready for the season, you’ll need some gear to get the job done. As such, we’ve put together this week’s everyday carry pocket dump with a collection of sturdy outdoor-ready tools to help you chop up all the firewood you might need, whether you’re just looking forward to a warm fireplace or you’re hoping to spend some time testing your mettle outdoors surviving in the cold.

Carhartt Fencer Work Gloves

Avoid blisters and splinters while you work outside by wearing these sturdy 100% full-suede cowhide leather work gloves. They’re simple, won’t cause any fuss, and – thanks to durable materials, reinforcement where it counts, and the ease with which they can be cleaned – they’ll last you for quite some time. Even if you use them every day.

Purchase: $16+

Nordic Pocket Saw

Sometimes, hacking away at a stump isn’t the best way to fell a tree or cut down some branches. But, carrying around a traditional saw can be a little too cumbersome, as well. Split the difference with the carbon steel and nylon Nordic Pocket Saw. This handy device offers up the same cutting ability as more traditional rigid saws, but in a package you can slip in and out of your jacket, pants, or tool roll.

Purchase: $42

Bradley Mountain Tool Roll

For some – e.g. outdoorsmen, mechanics on-the-go, and adventurers – your standard tin toolbox isn’t the best way to haul around the gear you might need in a given day. You’ll find that Bradley Mountain’s Tool Roll, however, is just the ticket. This roll-up carrier has pockets for numerous devices of varying lengths – from wrenches, to knives, to levels – but also conveniently rolls up tight for easy storage in your pack, work truck, or camping tent.

Purchase: $59

Civilware Hatchet

An invaluable tool to anyone who spends a modicum of time in the great outdoors, the hatchet is one of the ultimate wilderness accessories. And this one from Civilware – which is crafted from drop-forged 1060 high carbon steel and American hickory – is one of the best examples of a camp axe done right. It weighs just 2.5 pounds, has a 13.5″ handle, and comes with a leather sheath for easy storage.

Purchase: $99

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