Everyday Carry: Gilded Lily

Mar 27, 2019

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Most folks know that the phrase “gilding the lily” originates from a Shakespeare playKing John, to be more specific. While the wording is a touch different in the actual dialogue from the play, the message is essentially this: some things are perfect as-is and don’t require unnecessary adornments. And while we see the virtue in that claim, we also think it’s an oversimplification. In this instance, we hope to illustrate our point with this week’s everyday carry pocket dump. Each of these devices alone and unadorned make for an excellent piece of carry. However, when collected together and done-up in a golden hue, they become more than the sum of their parts. They cease to be individual bits and become a whole that, together, we’d be proud to carry each and every day. Sure, there are some things that don’t expressly need to be made better or more beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

PPFISH Mini Brass Lighter

Waterproof, tiny enough to fit on your keychain, and done up in solid brass, the PPFISH Mini Brass Lighter is an excellent piece of everyday carry gear that’s useful both in the day-to-day and perfect for emergencies. It’s also easily refueled, giving it a much longer effective life than its disposable counterparts. Everyone should be able to build a fire but this device will go a long way toward making that simpler.

Purchase: $10

Maxx & Unicorn D Keyring

Made in the USA by a locally-sourced metalworker in Brooklyn — Maxx & Unicorn’s town of residence — this beautiful full-brass keyring is a stylish and sturdy way to keep all your keychain EDC gear and keys together and organized. It also features a hexagonal screw-down closure for extra security, has a laser-engraved logo, and measures just 2.5″ on its longest side.

Purchase: $30

Machine Era Compact Field Pen

Stouter and lighter than the original, Machine Era’s Compact Field Pen features everything that made the original great in a more compact and everyday carry-friendly format. That includes compatibility with any D1 style refill, a solid metal construction, a reliable clicker deployment mechanism, a weight of just 1.3 ounces, and a 4.12″ length.

Purchase: $38

Nagao Higonokami Friction Folding Knife

Handmade by the same Japanese blacksmiths who used to make swords for the samurai, Nagao Higonokami’s friction folding knife boasts a gorgeous and functional construction of blue paper steel in the blade and a solid brass handle. As it’s a friction folder, it doesn’t feature a lock but does operate by lever deployment. It also measures up at 8.5″ in total but weighs only 2.5 ounces.

Purchase: $50

Best Made MMR-X Brass Flashlight

In collaboration with Foursevens and Gfeller Casemakers, this magnificent bit of engineering is a gorgeous and functional addition to any EDC loadout. The EDC flashlight boasts seven built-in functions, an effective runtime of up to 35 days, can recharge by USB, and has a gorgeous solid brass exterior. It also comes with a custom carry case, so you can keep it handy all-day, every day.

Purchase: $198

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