Everyday Carry: Frontier

In many industries, there are old-school methodologies that have since come and gone. Take cars, for example. Unless you’re keeping an eye on niche custom shops that build historically accurate examples, you’ll be hard pressed to find a new vehicle with a carburetor in it. And that’s because the technology has outgrown the device. With everyday carry, however, there are plenty of traditional maker methods and materials that aren’t just still used, but completely embraced. And the reason for that is twofold: many old school materials are still as handsome and useful as they were back in the day; and comparable facsimiles either don’t exist, fall short, or are far too expensive. Lucky for us, that’s perfectly fine, because the kinds of natural materials that might’ve been used by our forefathers are still plenty desirable in today’s world of everyday carry – as you can see in this week’s pocket dump.

Bull & Stash Travel Stash

For the adventurer who still finds merit in the written word, this refillable pocket notebook is the perfect travel companion. The exterior of the Bull & Stash Travel Stash is made from high quality brown oiled leather that will acquire a unique patina over the course of use and it comes with a 50 page bleed-resistant paper insert which can be replaced.

Purchase: $25

Deejo Rosewood 37G Pocket Knife

Slimmed down to its basest elements, this skeletonized folding EDC knife is the perfect minimalist blade for anyone who refuses to sacrifice style for sleekness. The ultra light 37G from Deejo is made from a combination of 420 stainless steel and natural rosewood and features a liner lock and belt clip to make it even more friendly for everyday carry enthusiasts.

Purchase: $40

Karas Kustoms Bolt Pen

Machined from high grade aluminum, this hybrid bolt-action and clicker style EDC pen from the talented folks at Karas Kustoms is compatible with all Parker style refills, is handcrafted right here in the USA, and weighs just barely over 1 ounce. It’s also the perfect meshing of legitimate toughness and sleek style-forward design.

Purchase: $65

Leather Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

No man should ever go without an everyday carry wristwatch. And this offering is both one of the simplest and one of our favorites. A Timex weekender chronograph is mated to a beautiful Horween leather band with a simple button-stud in place of a clasp – making this both a versatile and functional everyday carry piece.

Purchase: $128