Everyday Carry: Diver

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. And something like half of the planet’s human population lives within 60 miles of an ocean – a figure that jumps even higher if you count folks that reside near inland seas, lakes, rivers, etc. As such, there’s a pretty big chunk of humanity that spends time floating around on or in the water. Since we’re such a curious species, that also means we like to check out what’s in that water around us. And if you’re especially aquatic, that exploration could be a near daily occurrence. It’s for those folks that we’ve put together this week’s everyday carry pocket dump. This water-friendly gear is an excellent setup for anyone who wants to swim laps, snorkel around their local coastline, or even just splash around with friends and family on vacation.

Speedo Nemesis Swim Fins

Inspired by the biology of humpback whales, Speedo’s Nemesis Swim Fins allow the swimmer to glide through the water quicker and with more control – thanks to their unique scalloped form. They’re also made from buoyant injection-molded EVA foam for lightness and durability, and feature a very comfortable heel strap.

Purchase: $24+

Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag

Bringing the right gear to the beach can make or break your day – and that doesn’t stop when its time to go home. Wet and sandy gear can ruin the inside of your car and is just generally messy and hard to deal with. Rather than fussing and turning to wasteful disposable bags, why not pick up a Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag? This packable container is waterproof, won’t leak, is made from super durable and puncture-resistant material, and can pack down to fit on your keychain when you’re not using it.

Purchase: $40

H2O Ninja Full-Face Snorkel Mask

One of the problems with standard snorkel masks is that they can feel unnatural and foreign – and therefore uncomfortable. The H2O Ninja Mask, however, fits around your full face, so using it feels as natural as normal breathing. Plus, this edition is equipped for a GoPro attachment, giving you the ability to record your adventures without losing the use of your hands. Oh, and if you’re worried about fogging, this mask is 90% more fog-resistant than traditional ones.

Purchase: $70

Seiko Monster Automatic Dive Watch

One of the finest and most affordable diving watches you can get, Seiko’s Monster is water resistant to a whopping 200 meters – which is helpful if you want to use the bezel to keep track of your dive time. It’s also got an automatic winder, so you never have to worry about swapping out batteries. And this wristwatch looks really sharp, if we do say so ourselves.

Purchase: $325

GoPro Hero6 Action Camera

The most water-resistant action camera that GoPro has ever released, the Hero6 is rated for dips of up to 33 feet underwater. And it can still record 4k video, capture full HD photos, and offers a wealth of extra features – like video stabilization, quick auto-editing, and smartphone compatibility.

Purchase: $399+