Everyday Carry: Damascus

Feb 27, 2019

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The capital of Syria, Damascus has a history that dates back further than most of the modern world. A huge portion of that history, too, saw the city embroiled in violent conflict after conflict. And while we’d never wish constant battle on anyone, it did — historically speaking — make them very good at crafting weapons of war. Perhaps their most famous contribution to the ancient world was the creation of a special multi-layered folded steel, which shares its name with the city of its invention. Damascus steel is legendary for both its unique combination of strength and beauty. Unfortunately, the processes for how it was originally crafted is lost to history. Some clever craftsmen around the world, however, have since figured out ways to make analogs of the metal that share many of the same properties. When done right in the hands of a master, this metal adds a bit of functional sophistication to an everyday carry loadout — which is why we used it as inspiration for this week’s pocket dump.

Arc’teryx Veilance Casing Card Wallet

Made by the fabled outdoor brand’s high-end technical offshoot, the Arc’teryx Veilance Casing Card Wallet boasts a stitchless laminated construction mated to a premium Horween leather exterior for the ultimate in both stylishness and minimalism. What’s all the more impressive is that this wallet manages to have a capacity of up to eight cards while weighing less than an ounce.

Purchase: $175

Tactile Turn Damascus Steel Slider

Made in the USA, this absolutely gorgeous everyday carry pen features a stunning Damascus steel construction paired to a smooth-as-silk bolt-action deployment. And while that would be enough to make it a must-have high-end writing utensil, it’s only bolstered by the fact that it’s compatible with all Parker-style refill cartridges.

Purchase: $299

Benchmade 535-191 Bugout Knife

Benchmade’s Bugout folding knife is already one of their best-sellers for its combination of utility, solid materials, and handsomeness. But this special edition is even more spectacular thanks to its long list of upgrades — including a Damasteel blade, ghost carbon fiber handle scales, smoked gray PVD coated liners, and blue-anodized titanium thumb studs and barrel spacers

Purchase: $750

Seiko Wena Wrist Pro WNW-SB13A/B Smartwatch

Combining an iconic analog dive watch body with a smart band, Seiko’s Wena Wrist Pro smartwatch carefully balances classic timekeeping with modern tech-focused features. That means this watch isn’t overly complex from a time-telling perspective, has all the expected features of a mechanical watch, but still offers up things like activity and sleep tracking, on-the-go notifications, and more.

Purchase: $900

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