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Sep 11, 2019

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Copper is one of the oldest metals mankind ever discovered, with various tools and artwork dating back as far as 9,000 BC. Shockingly, it’s still in use today for everything from electrical wiring to everyday carry gear. It’s the latter that concerns us, in this case, as copper can add a bit of unique flair to any EDC loadout. And while it’s a bit heavier than, say, titanium, it’s still plenty durable and even has some benefits that titanium and stainless steel don’t have — like its ability to age and acquire a unique patina through usage and exposure to the elements. Spice up your everyday carry with this unique element and it will always stand out.

Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release

One of the best ways to secure your car key or small tools to your keychain will still ensuring quick and easy access, this all-metal quick-release can carry up to 10 pounds, has a canted coil spring to ensure security while you carry, and was made in the USA.

Purchase: $25

Spine Copper Minimalist Wallet

One of the most minimalist wallets ever made, the Spine can carry up to 10 cards and cash and still has the ability to block RFID signals. Better still, it also has an integrated bottle opener, it weighs just 2.5 ounces, and it was made in the USA.

Purchase: $30

Karas Kustoms Render K Pen

Machined from solid copper and featuring a micro-texture grip, the Karas Kustoms Render K Pen will give you the ability to scrawl notes at any given time and is a good deal more beautiful than your basic ballpoint. It’s also compatible with Parker refills, made in the USA, and has a secure screw-on cap.

Purchase: $110

Jack Mason Ellum Watch

The newest addition to this American brand’s catalog, the Jack Mason Ellum watch was lovingly named for the neighborhood in Dallas that Jack Mason calls home. And while it looks copper, the case is actually 24k rose gold. The watch is powered by a reliable Miyota quartz movement and it comes with a comfortable and handsome leather strap.

Purchase: $245

Muyshondt Maus Copper Flashlight

Don’t let the price scare you away, Muyshondt’s Maus flashlight is absolutely worth every penny for its capabilities and craftsmanship. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this is actually the brand’s smallest torch. Smaller than a tube of lip balm, it puts out 60 lumens from a single battery, it’s water-resistant, and it will age beautifully.

Purchase: $295

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