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Aug 3, 2017

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Originally, carbon fiber was actually made to be used as filament in lightbulbs dating back to 1860. It wouldn’t be, however, until the late 1950s to early 1960s that it’s potential would be realized by UK’s Royal Aircraft Establishment. From that point, the miracle material began to make its way into the automotive, aircraft, and even wind energy industries. Eventually, its applications and usefulness in the world of everyday carry became apparent – as it was non-metallic, lightweight, incredibly tough, and had a very unique and appealing appearance. Now, all manner of gear is made from the stuff and it continues to be one of the most in-demand construction material in the EDC world. With that in mind, we put together this week’s pocket dump with a full complement of gear than incorporates carbon fiber into its construction. If you wan’t to get your hands on some of it in a useful everyday carry application, this is a good place to start.

Boker Plus Carbon Tactical Pen

Boker makes some excellent EDC knives, but they’ve also dabbled in some other everyday carry gear – like this tactical pen. With a body made from carbon fiber and a bolt-action deployment mechanism, this Fisher Space Pen cartridge-compatible writing utensil is a handy and tough means by which to write things down no matter where you are.

Purchase: $43

TactikOwl Carbon Fiber Mixtape

A Gallantry exclusive, this handy little keychain multi-tool is machined right here in the USA from a single piece of carbon fiber and features dual lanyard holes for paracord attachment, dual hex wrench slots, and a pair of finger holes for self-defense applications. And it’s super tiny at just 0.7 ounces and 2.25″ long.

Purchase: $100

The Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber + Cash Strap

As slim and minimalist as they come, the Ridge wallet in carbon fiber is a superb front-pocket card and cash carrier. It has enough room for up to 12 cards, has a durable elastic strap for extra walking-around money, and even offers RFID blocking.

Purchase: $105

DPx Gear HEST/F Knife

Created by one of the toughest dudes to ever walk the planet, Robert Young Pelton, the HEST/F folding knife is built to weather the worst conditions on the planet. Its blade is made from TiCN PVD coated Sleipner steel and features a bottle opener notch, while the handle is crafted from high-grade titanium, has a tungsten carbide glass breaker tip, and a useful hex socket.

Purchase: $275

Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon Watch

When a watch is crafted tough enough to survive being run over by a tank, you should probably take notice. That’s the case with this one from Victorinox. It’s crafted from a carbon composite, comes with a paracord band that can be used in emergencies, and it’s powered by a reliable quartz movement.

Purchase: $950

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