Everyday Carry: Bulldog

Oct 23, 2019

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Of all the dog breeds in the world, the English Bulldog is certainly one of the most unique — not just in its appearance, but in its history. You see, this working breed was first developed in part to work around livestock — herding and hunting everything from cattle to wild boar. But they were also used in a brutal activity called “bull-baiting,” in which a dog would be pitted against a bull until either the bull was brought down to the ground or the dog was killed. Barbarism aside, this usage should impress upon you just how impressively tough these animals are. Alongside that, while sometimes goofy, there’s a certain dignity to these animals and their stout, no-nonsense appearance and demeanor. It’s this combination that has inspired us to put together this week’s everyday carry loadout of similarly stout, refined, and durable pocket gear.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

A simple, stylish, pared-down take on the wallet, Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve is the perfect example of how class and minimalism can go hand-in-hand. It’s so slim and small that it can fit into even the most crowded front pockets, yet it still has the ability to hold a few cards and some cash. It’s also built from environmentally-certified premium leather.

Purchase: $65

Big Idea Design Bit Bar Titanium EDC Screwdriver

Whereas most screwdrivers are a little on the cumbersome end of the spectrum for pocket carry, the Bit Bar you see here is just over 5″ at its longest point — making it small enough to stash in a pocket or pack but big enough to be comfortable in your palm. It’s also compatible with all standard 1/4″ hex bits, is built from titanium, and has magnetic in-handle storage for a collection of interchangeable bits.

Purchase: $120

WESN Allman Folding Knife

Robust is probably the word that best describes WESN’s Allman folding knife. Yet, in spite of its stoutness, it’s not actually all that heavy — weighing in at a more-than-manageable 3.6 ounces. It’s also plenty durable, with its rounded drop point blade (excellent for hard-use cutting tasks) built from high-end S35VN steel and handle scales crafted from your choice of G10 or titanium. It also has a flipper opening, frame lock, and a lanyard hole.

Purchase: $160

Lum-Tec M74 Phantom Watch

With its case measuring up at 44mm, Lum-Tec’s M74 Phantom is a hefty watch. But for those with sturdy enough wrists to brave it, it’s also one of the most reliable and durable around — boasting a Miyota quartz movement housed inside a titanium carbide PVD-coated stainless steel case. It also has a specially-tinted sapphire crystal, a stitched leather band (as well as an anti-static rubber strap), and it comes with a lifetime of free battery replacements. But only 100 will ever be made.

Purchase: $420

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