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Nov 21, 2018

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While more modern and state-of-the-art materials are often all the rage when it comes to everyday carry, we like to remind folks that there are more traditional materials that are still plenty worth their mettle. For instance, prior to the refinement of modern metals into a viable and versatile material, wood was widely used to build everything from the frames of automobiles to the propellers of fighter planes and so much more. And while it certainly has a hard time standing up to the same stresses as stainless steel and/or titanium, under the right circumstances it’s still plenty tough for things like everyday carry. In case you’re still skeptical, we put together this week’s pocket dump with a selection of gear that’s durable, extremely handsome, and heavily features wood in its construction.

Original Grain Bravo/Bomber Watch

Made with real reclaimed military surplus materials — such as wood from actual ammunition crates and fabric from bomber leather jackets, camouflage uniforms, and field tents — the stunning battlefield-inspired Original Grain Bravo field watch is one of the most handsome and authentic timepieces we’ve ever come across. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it is also handcrafted, boasts a Miyota quartz movement and a sapphire crystal, and comes with dual interchangeable straps.

Purchase: $329

Madera Poquito Slim Wood Wallet

With its beautiful walnut shell, rubber cash strap, eight-card capacity, and a small quick-access slot, this wood wallet can do more than most of its non-wood competition. And that makes it mighty since it also gets major points in the style category.

Purchase: $55

Hordern Richmond Spitfire Pen

Clearly, with its unique combination of metal and real wood, this handsome EDC pen is something worth showing off. But that’s bolstered even further by the fact that it was crafted from actual Spitfire fighter plan propeller blades. For fans of history, war, aviation and everyday carry, there’s really no better writing utensil.

Purchase: $217

Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket Knife

Styled like a classic farmer’s knife but with some modern conveniences — like a liner lock and a laminated CoS steel blade — this absolute stunner of a folding blade is the perfect carry for those who care about style and quality together. And that cocobolo wood handle makes this an heirloom-quality knife worth passing down.

Purchase: $228

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