Everyday Carry: Black Knight

May 17, 2017

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Made famous originally by Arthurian lore and dropped into a number of pop-culture and cult classic books, television shows, and movies (we’re looking at you, Monty Python), the Black Knight is one of the most iconic characters of all time. And while his alliances vary – sometimes he’s good, others he’s very bad – there’s no denying how cool he looks with that shadowy armor contrasted by the silver of his steel broadsword. While we’re not about to suggest that you don a suit of armor and storm a castle, you can still incorporate the aesthetics of the imposing character into some extremely capable everyday carry. Take this week’s EDC gear roundup, for example, as a show of how your gear can be formidable in both style and substance.

Peak LED Solutions Eiger Flashlight

Built with a stainless steel case and with professional applications in mind, this water and shock resistant torch is made in Arizona, functions with a number of different battery chemistries, and is one of the best EDC flashlights ever made.

Purchase: $80

Dango T01 Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

Boasting the ability to carry up to 12 cards, a wad of cash, and still offering 14 different multi-tool functions, this comprehensive leather and metal American made wallet from Dango is an absurdly capable tool you can easily carry around daily.

Purchase: $89

Zero Tolerance 0450 Dmitry Sinkevich Knife

As beautiful and sleek as it is functional, this S35VN steel-bladed titanium flipper pocket knife is slim, pocket friendly, features a sturdy frame lock, and was created in conjunction with master knife designer Dmitry Sinkevich.

Purchase: $165

Tsovet SVT-FW44 Watch

Inspired by the timepieces worn by American infantrymen during WWI, this Swiss movement-powered stainless steel everyday carry watch features a hearty mineral crystal viewing window, a comfortable leather band, and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Purchase: $325

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