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Play Over 260 Retro Cartridge Games With The Evercade VS Mini Console

While the retro mini gaming consoles that have debuted over the past few years like the NES Classic have been fun, they haven’t fully recreated the nostalgic feel of ‘80s and early ‘90s gaming because they don’t take cartridges. But the latest console from Evercade does just that, bringing the full nostalgic experience to the mini gaming console scene.

The Evercade VS is a new home console that is capable of playing the company’s existing catalog of over 260 licensed classic games on cartridges. The VS actually can play two cartridges at once, and since games are bundled on Evercade’s cartridges, that means you can have up to 40 games at a time loaded and ready to go on the device. The machine boasts a powerful Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor, 1080p Full HD output, and a WiFi connection for over-the-air updates. The Evercade VS has four USB-A controller ports and will work with any USB controller — even wireless ones through the use of a dongle. It also includes two retro controllers of its own that feature a precision D-Pad, four action buttons, and four shoulder buttons. The Evercade VS is available now for pre-order for roughly $125.

Purchase: $125