The ‘E.V.E.’ Countach Concept Car Evokes The Spirit Of A Time-Traveling DeLorean

First released in 1974, Lamborghini’s Countach is one of the most influential supercars of all time, and though it hasn’t been in production for three decades, its design language still holds up remarkably well today. Recognizing the exotic’s aesthetic potential, concept artist Khyzyl Saleem has taken the Italian V12 and given it his signature neo-cyber treatment, resulting in what the prodigious designer is calling the “E.V.E. Countach.”

Envisioned as a supercar for the 2090 model year, the slammed Countach features markedly more pronounced intake scoops, evoking the style of Doc Brown’s DeLorean, albeit in a much sleeker manner. A full aero-kit, airless tires, transparent lips, and custom LED-lit acrylic panel-style lighting front and back all further the conceptual Lambo’s futuristic theme, while the use of elements like the classic Rotiform rims and supplementary NACA-duct intakes help to keep one foot firmly planted in the past. Saleem originally unveiled the concept a few months ago adorned in a “XENOX” (a fictitious company Saleem invented) livery, though the newly-unveiled matte white version gives a much better, unobstructed look at the lines and shapes of the design. To see more of Khyzyl Saleem’s Lamborghini E.V.E. Countach you can visit the designer’s ArtStation page linked below.

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