This Tuned-Up Tesla Model 3 Was Built To Break Records At Pikes Peak

In 2013, Lightning Motorcycle made history when its proton-powered superbike set the outright motorcycle record at the 91st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, destroying the previous record by an enormous margin and becoming the first EV to achieve victory at a major motorsport event against a field of gas-engined rides.

And after previously taking first place at last year’s PPIHC in the Unlimited class with a modified Toyota 86 piloted by Dai Yoshihara, Cerritos-based automotive outfit, Evasive Motorsport has once again set its sights on the iconic American Hillclimb, this time looking to make EV history itself with a thoroughly-massaged Tesla Model 3. Backed by Turn 14 Distribution and helmed once again by Yoshihara, Evasive’s 2021 Pikes Peak racer has been treated to a slew of performance upgrades including an up-specced powertrain, tighter suspension, a lowering kit, and a full aero kit from Japanese firm Artisan Spirits, which Evasive has supplemented with flared fenders, a front splitter, front winglets, and a dual-plane rear wing. After an impressive testing session at Buttonwillow, it genuinely appears that Yoshihara and Evasive legitimately have a chance of reaching the top step of the podium at Pikes Peak in 2021.

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