Eufy EverCam Wireless Security Camera

Securing your home with a surveillance system probably sounds like a good idea to most people. But a forbidding price tag, and the presumptive necessity of working through a security company and acclimating yourself to a difficult new system often keep homeowners from pursuing such a seemingly complicated endeavor. Now, everyone can achieve security simply, thanks to Eufy’s new product, the EverCam.

Built to last 365 days, the EverCam has a motion-activated recording system to preserve battery life. Security cameras can die before any thieves move into frame, rendering them merely discouraging decorations to deter potential burglars. Thanks to its battery-saving technology, which makes use of AI and infrared sensors to determine when to record, the EverCam vows to survive all year long. It can even tell the difference between an animal and a person at your door. All recordings are stored in the camera’s built-in 16GB micro-SD card, and you can view a live feed from the camera anytime through the app. Waterproof and operational between -4 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the EverCam is built to endure the elements. It’s mountable in most locations, as it has no cords or wires, so feel stick it up a tree if you want–perhaps disguise it as a squirrel to blend in. So long as it has a wi-fi signal, the EverCam remains ever-vigilant, so you don’t have to.

Purchase: $329