Ethec Electric Motorcycle

Take one look at this bike, the Ethec, and you might think it’s taken a trip here from the future. Or, at the very least, that it was built by some tech company looking to change the way bikes are built. But you’d be wrong on both accounts, because this all-electric bike was actually created by a group of Swiss students.

Created by a combination of design and engineering students from two different schools (ETH Zurich and the Zurich Academy of the Arts), this bike very well may end up being the motorcycle of the future. And that’s because, while looking the part, it’s actually powered by 15 kWh lithium ion batteries, alongside an optimized cooling system. What’s even cooler, however, is that this bike features 2WD, including a front hub motor with regenerative braking – so it can charge its own battery when slowing down or going downhill. That means this moto has an effective range of 250 miles per charge, give or take. It’s just a prototype for now, but we’d be happy to ride this bike if it does end up going into production.

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