eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

So you’re determined to watch Super Bowl 49 on the biggest screen you’ve ever had in your house. But before you rush out to blow 3K on that 4K set, you might wanna see if it’ll even fit. For a little fun in the measuring process, check out the eTape16, a digital tape measure that brings some perks to the table of measuring tools.

The large digital display delivers real-time measurements, and you can convert inches to feet or meters or what have you instantly. Press the Hold button and you’ll retain your last measurement so you don’t forget if that was 67” of available TV stand space or 76”—that’s important. Choose the Bluetooth model and all your measurements will go to your phone, which is where you want them when you’re at Best Buy, Lowe’s, or wondering if the world’s largest hot dog will fit in your NYC loft. [Purchase]