This Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Workbench Was Built For At-Home DIY Horology

The DIY segment has been exploding in popularity over the last few years, with the industry seeing a marked rise in do-it-yourself electronics repairs and modification and at-home horology projects. In an effort to cater to this growing space, Southern California outfit, ETABLEE has introduced a technical craftsman workbench, characterized by premium materials and a decidedly sleek and modern design.

Known as the “OE1,” this portable DIY work station boasts a 25.6” x 15.75” surface with a matte white top over a 0.25” thick carbon fiber plate. Designed to be placed atop an existing table or workbench, the OE1 features a crossbar-reinforced set of 7.9” aluminum legs, allowing users to work on technical DIY projects without having to spend the entire time hunched over their work station. Mated together via Torx-headed stainless steel hardware, the OE1 also sports rubber-padded feet, providing a secure and well-planted work area. And though the Laguna Hills-based firm has yet to reveal production figures, it has stated that the EO1 will only be available in limited numbers. Available now, the ETABLEE OE1 Portable Workbench is priced at $1,195.

Purchase: $1,195