Estes Proto X: World’s Smallest Quadcopter

While we’d love to be a fly on the wall in Scarlett Johansson’s trailer, we imagine our lifespan would be a brief one, thanks to one of her assistants and a can of Raid. But the Estes Proto X, now this is a much more durable way of living the insect life, as you can buzz around via remote control and never have to fear the swatter.

At just 1.8 inches wide, this is the world’s smallest nano quadcopter. It’s barely bigger than a quarter, and we’re just floored at how tiny the tech is inside this thing. Thanks to a precision triple-axis, three-accelerometer gyro and an auto-upright system for self-correcting flight, the Estes Proto X zips along for up to 10 minutes before the 3.7V 100mAh LiPo battery needs recharging via USB. A 2.4GHz radio controller lets you guide the little guy, and built-in LEDs mean you can terrorize people at night too. [Purchase]

Estes Proto X 2

Estes Proto X 3

Estes Proto X 4