12 Spring Running Essentials

Photo: Olivers Breakaway Short

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The snow has melted, the ice thawed, and the once snowed-in paths you tried to run this winter are now full of bright green grass. For runners, this is one of the best times of the year. The days only have a slight hint of chill in the morning, and the sunlight lasts well after you punch out at work.

Spring is also a time of year to take stock of your running gear. Shorts or shirts you folded up and put away when the snow first started to fall now don’t quite look as fresh as you once remembered. Maybe they’ve developed holes, or maybe you stuck to your training regimen throughout the winter and they no longer fit. Whatever the reason, we decided to put our heads together to build out a list of spring running essentials that will get you back on the road and ready to conquer that upcoming 10k.

Olivers Breakaway Short

Second only to shoes, shorts are the most important piece of apparel a runner can put on before heading out to pound the pavement. This pair from OLIVERS were meticulously engineered in order to meet the needs of even the most dedicated runner, while still retaining a sharp and city-ready look. Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, the Breakaway Short boasts a lightweight and dynamic fit, while the DWR treatment and secure zippered media pocket will keep you dry and on track.

Purchase: $78

Pro Compression Racer

As any runner knows – all socks are not created equal. This American made pair from ProCompression are designed to help provide extra stabilization around the ankle and Achilles, while increasing circulation in your foot so you don’t get those weird cold spots during or after a long run.

Purchase: $25

Patagonia Duckbill Hat

Keeping the sun and sweat out of your eyes is a must, but wearing a heavy hat can kind of suck if it’s hot out. Thankfully, Patagonia has come up with the perfect solution. Made with a COOLMAX fabric headband and polyester tricot mesh, the Duckbill Hat is a lightweight cap that will keep you cool and shaded throughout your run.

Purchase: $30

Hydroflask Water Bottle

No matter the temperature, no matter the length of the run – having a solid water bottle to throw in your gym bag or locker is a must. Hydro flask’s 18/8 stainless steel water bottle uses a special TempShield insulation that is designed to keep your water cold for a total of 24 hours so you can always enjoy a refreshing drink of cold water after a run out on your local trails or a spin on the treadmill.

Purchase: $35

Tracksmith Greyboy

Usually, when you are looking for a solid workout shirt, you’ll come across a bunch of tees made out of synthetic materials. Tracksmith has taken the opposite approach with their Grayboy. An ode to the old-school standard issue shirts handed out to varsity cross country or track teams across the country, this shirt is proudly untechnical. Made from a combination of rayon and cotton, this 100% American made tee is built to last a lifetime and then some.

Purchase: $55

Olivers All Over Shorts

If you are really looking to improve as a runner you can’t solely rely on just your daily jogs. Cross training and strength training in the gym is a must for anyone looking to make serious dents in their course P.R.s and the best pair of shorts to do them in is the OLIVERS All Over Shorts. Designed to be dynamic enough to go for a trail run, swing kettlebells, or run through a WOD at your local CrossFit box, these nylon and spandex shorts boast a look as sharp as they are dynamic.

Purchase: $68

Olivers Bradbury Jogger

Other than chirping birds and newly sprung flowers, Spring is known for its rain and cold mornings. And if you want to keep your training consistent during this time of year, you better have a pair of OLIVERS Bradbury Joggers on hand. Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, these runners have a durable water resistant treatment that beats back rain, as well as a rugged construction that cuts through the cold. To top it all off, they look sharp enough to wear out and about after your time in the gym or out on the trail.

Purchase: $118

APL Techloom Pro

Known for being the first and only athletic brand kicked out of the NBA, Athletic Propulsion Labs – or, APL – is no stranger to pushing boundaries. Their runner is perfect evidence of this fact. Featuring a woven upper, a mid with an 8mm drop, and a proprietary Propelium unit in the forefoot to help propel runners, these are one of the few shoes out there that will literally help you jump higher and run faster.

Purchase: $140

Arc’Teryx Incendo Hoody

Spring isn’t all sunshine and flowers. That is why every serious runner should have a solid shell like the Arc’teryx Incense Hoody on hand. This weather resistant, ultralight jacket is built to cut through wind, shed water, and keep you cool and warm on even the dampest of runs thanks to its polyester build.

Purchase: $140

Apple Air Pods

Apple’s first truly wireless headphones are a real luxury if you are a runner. Not only will these small but powerful phones deliver high quality audio to keep you motivated while on your run, but the wireless build will keep you from dealing with annoying tangled cords while you’re trying to focus on your training. Want to keep in touch while out on the trails? No worries – despite lacking the in-line mic, these headphones are still capable of taking and making phone calls.

Purchase: $160

District Vision Kaishiro

Most athletic sunglasses suck. It is just a fact. District Vision, however, is one of the few brands that seem to be an exception to the rule. Not only do their sunglasses, like the Kaishiro, look great – but the D+ lens technology they use combined with an oleophobic coating helps keep your peepers safe from harmful rays and annoying drops of rain.

Purchase: $200

New Balance RunIQ

You can’t beat your best if you don’t even know what it is. The New Balance RunIQ watch is designed to keep track of your run distance, time, beats per minute, and much more thanks to a seamless and easy to use interface. Want to share it with your friends in town or around the country? Strava integration makes it easy to post your run time directly to the social network.

Purchase: $300