ESEE Knives CL1 Outdoor Cleaver

To a casual outdoorsman, the need for food preparation tools might seem extraneous out in the wilds. The most hardened explorers, however, know differently. If you really want to prove your mettle out amongst nature, you’re going to need a particular set of tools to get the job done right. And if any part of your outdoor enjoyment lies in hunting of any sort – and you don’t plan to immediately carry your kill home – you might want to carry something with which you can prepare proper cuts of meat out in the field. Like the newly-announced ESEE Knives CL1 Outdoor Cleaver.

Though hardly a household name, ESEE is renowned in the knife world for making hard-use outdoor blades. And the CL1 is no different. This 11.5-inch cleaver is made to thrive in the outdoors. The unconventionally shaped blade is made from black oxide tumbled 1095 high-carbon steel and is paired with a lightweight – but incredibly tough – G10 handle. Weighing in at 25.5 ounces, the end result is an incredibly capable knife that can be relied upon for everything from skinning game to chopping up firewood. Pricing has yet to be announced, but we can expect to hear more when this blade is unveiled at this year’s SHOT show in Las Vegas, Nevada. [H/T: KnifeNews]

Esee Knives Outdoor Cleaver CL1 01