Esee Izula Wallet Survival Kit

We were about to say the ESEE Izula Gear Wallet Kit is the kinda thing that could’ve saved the asses of those Blair Witch kids, but then we realized witches probably have built-in defenses for titanium blades. And did anyone actually want those kids to be saved?

This kit includes a host of essentials that could win you a cool million on Survivor or win you some friends on your next camping trip. There’s a fire starter, Kevlar cord, four fish hooks (two small, two large), black ESEE arrowhead, 20mm button compass, black non-metallic handcuff key, two rare earth magnets, 1 5/8″ overall titanium blade with dual lanyard holes, floss card with escape & evasion tips, signal mirror, and various instruction/survival cards, all inside a black Cordura wallet with a Velcro seal. [Purchase]