Escort Carbon Fiber Daggers

Like just about every other group of gear and knife nerds, we like carbon fiber. A lot. It’s an incredibly versatile and rugged material that is always fun to come across in cars, bikes, or protective gear. It’s even more exciting, however, to come across the material when you least expect it – like in this Escort Dagger Bundle.

Each of the three daggers (the Escort, Escort II, Escort III) are almost exclusively made from the super lightweight material. The outer layer of the knives consists of 3k 2xt carbon fiber that features the houndstooth-like diagonal pattern, while the interior layer is made up of ‘lightning strike’ carbon that incorporates aluminum making these knives detectible while walking through metal detectors. Handles on all these American built daggers are made up of 36 layers of carbon while the blades are made up of just 12 layers of the stuff. While these aren’t as sharp as a metal knife, they are fun to have around if you’re a knife enthusiast. Prices start at $78. [Purchase]

Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle 1

Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle 2

Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle 3