Escapod’s New & Improved TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer Is Better In Every Way

Back in 2016, a Utah-based outfit by the name of Escapod set out to engineer the best camper possible. What resulted was the TOPO, a high-riding off-road trailer made from steel and aluminum with beefy all-terrain tires and a torsion axle suspension setup. While it made for an undeniably impressive first attempt, it doesn’t hold a candle to what the Escapod team has cooked up this time around.

That’s because the new and improved TOPO2 takes the design of the original and betters it in basically every way. For starters, the entire trailer comes in some 250lbs lighter than its predecessor thanks to an innovative single-piece composite shell and recycled PET core construction. In addition to providing an unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio, the combination also allows the TOPO2 to be markedly more weather-resistant. And that’s not all; underneath, you’ll find that Escapod has revamped the ride with its fully independent Freeride System, providing up to 5″ of travel, 23″ of ground clearance, and an impressive 35-degree departure angle. Add to that features like heated mudroom entry doors, a 6″ queen-size memory foam mattress, and a fully-stocked galley kitchen, and it’s pretty easy to see why Escapod is leading the pack. You can buy the TOPO2 now starting at $39,500.

Purchase: $39,500+