EROVR Transformable Cart

Whether you are headed out to the beach, grocery store, or moving houses – we all use some variant of a cart or dolly to make the trip easier. Now with the EROVR, you can combine all of those different tools into one easy-to-store package.

Instead of being designed for any one specific job, EROVR’s 10-in-1 transformable cart has been built to work as a dolly, full or half cart, wagon, or whatever else you need. Now instead of having to go rent out some cart for moving, or trying to jerry-rig some way to get all of your beach-gear from the car to the spot you’ve staked out in the sand – you can rely on one simple and easy to use piece of equipment. And thanks to its 250 pound load capacity, you should be able to make quick work of any hauling job. Each cart retails for $195 [Purchase]

Erovr Transformable Cart 1

Erovr Transformable Cart 2

Erovr Transformable Cart 3