Equil Smartpen 2

The world is your digital cocktail napkin with the Equil Smartpen 2, and if that’s a kickass slogan, we don’t know what is. What’s great about Equil’s offering is, unlike some other smartpens, there’s no need for special paper to record your notes, doodles, and memos.

You can write, diagram, or draw on any type of paper and it automatically saves and syncs with an Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows devices. Using Equil’s free apps you can integrate your notes and drawings with cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote and iCloud, and edit and share to your heart’s content. You can also store notes on the built-in receiver’s 4GB memory. The Equil Smartpen 2 uses standard ink and it’s good to go wherever in its sleek little charging case. [Purchase]

Equil Smartpen 2 1

Equil Smartpen 2 3