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This Compact AI-Powered Anti-Drone Rig Downs Multiple UAVs At Once

Military forces have long been utilizing anti-drone and UAV devices for counter-recon and counter-intelligence-gathering purposes, employing both small arms-style guns aimed and “fired” by humans, as well as automated smart systems capable of downing a slew of enemy drones simultaneously all on its own. And while these smart systems have been around for a while — such as Raytheon’s Phaser, a high-power microwave system – they’ve historically required an enormous amount of space, often occupying entire storage containers and needing massive satellite dishes placed on the roof.

Epirus — a Los Angeles- and Virginia-based technology company named after Greek hero Theseus’ magical bow —has recently managed to perform this same function of incapacitating multiple drones at once using an advanced AI system, albeit in a markedly more compact package. Taking its name from the king and leader of Sparta, the “Leonidas” features the first-ever solid-state direct energy microwave that doesn’t necessitate vacuum tubes or enormous amounts of coolant to function — instead, relying on the use of a Gallium Nitride-based system — allowing the Leonidas to offer cutting-edge performance while hugely mitigating size, weight, and power — what the company is calling the “SWaP Factor.” To learn more check out the link below.

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