ENVO’s Convenient Kit Turns Your eBike Into An Pedal-Powered Snowmobile

With over 18 years of R&D experience in electric mobility solutions, ENVO is no stranger to bringing pedal-assisting power to two wheels. Their current D-Series and R-Series kits offer an affordable way to quickly convert any standard bicycle into a fully-functioning eBike.

For its latest offering, Envo thought it’d take its expertise to the snow. The result is something the likes of which we have yet to see: an Electric SnowBike kit. In keeping trend with its road-going counterparts, the kit’s components include a controller, a hub motor, and a 48V/17.5Ah Li-ion battery pack that makes 2000W of output power and 840Wh of energy. However, in order to turn it into a capable performer come time for winter weather, ENVO has also developed a Snow Track that attaches at your bike’s rear dropouts. Made from a series of aluminum CNC machined parts, the assembly is proven on grades as steep as 20% and can generate up to 220lbs of traction with the help of its Kevlar-reinforced rubber v-tread. All in all, the kit is good for a top assisted speed of 11mph and a range of about 6 miles (or two hours of use). Available now for $2,092.

Purchase: $2,092