Malle’s Bespoke Enfield Interceptors Tame Britain’s Rugged Landscape

Alongside the release of Malle London’s new Moto Collection, the company has revealed two spectacular, bespoke motorcycles to show off the full range of gear. Following extensive coordination with Royal Enfield, Malle has captured the essence of heritage, class, and style in the best way they know how — through their exploratory lineage.

Malle was gifted with two 2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin platforms for a very specific purpose: to create a pair of rally-oriented machines to support 100 custom and classic motorcycles on a five-day, 1250-mile race across the most rugged landscapes of mainland Britain. Calling upon the bike’s lightweight demeanor, quirky powerplant, and easy-to-modify body style, Malle crafted the ultimate medium for their purposeful project. After stripping a large portion of the cycles’ exteriors, the company approached friends and collaborators to loan/fabricate a list of bespoke items for the 650s, including two sets of custom exhausts, British Customs heavy-duty Grabber foot pegs, and Mule Tracker handlebars. To create a platform that could carry full panniers of tools, Malle’s very own waterproof dry bags, tank/tail packs, and waxed canvas duffles were utilized to house everything from first-aid kits, water, and food, all the way to spare fuel tanks, cables, consumables (zip ties, duck tape etc.), and personal effects.

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