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This Gorgeous Solar-Powered Floating Home Is Completely Energy Neutral

Photos: Eva Janssens

In the world of architecture, it’s no longer enough to simply build a beautiful home for people. Now, if you want to impress, your projects need to offer a bit more — be that in the uniqueness of the locale, the relationship with the surrounding landscape, or the overall capability. And Van Ommeren Architechen’s aptly-named Energy Neutral Villa II manages to impress in all three of those categories.

Situated on a river to the east of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, this isn’t simply a residence — rather, it’s a bonafide houseboat. And while its floating quality is certainly interesting, it’s hardly the only thing that makes this gorgeous home interesting. You see, at the request of the owner’s, the villa is equipped with solar panels on the roof and a thermal heat pump in the concrete hull that leeches extra energy from the water — which means this house actually creates more energy than it uses. It also has a gorgeous wood-slatted exterior, floor-to-ceiling windows, a spacious fully-featured interior, and it’s own private meadow on the river’s shore. As far as eco-friendly living goes, this lavish vessel is superb.

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