Energizer P18K Pop Smartphone

Known for reliable batteries and their pink drumline bunny, Energizer is making some noise in the smartphone world. They’ve unveiled the 18mm-thick Energizer P18K Pop Smartphone with immense power.

This smartphone brick is packing an 18,000 mAh battery, providing you with about two months of standby time and two consecutive days of watching your favorite videos. Energizer claims the smartphone provides fast-charge assistance, offering an 85% charge in just 30 minutes. In addition to the incredible battery, the P18K has pop-up selfie duel camera, a 12MP triple camera with a depth sensor, Android 9.0 OS, a 6.2-inch LCD display, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. If you ever wanted a battery pack with the capabilities of a smartphone, this beefy device will serve you well. There’s no word on price yet, but the Energizer P18K Pop Smartphone is set to be launched this summer.

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