Endure Survival Pen

If the country or world ever gets knocked off the grid, and man reverts to his more primitive behavior, we think the ballpoint pen will be replaced by the Endure Survival Pen.

This 5.5-inch tool is precision machined from Titanium and focuses on two key aspects of staying alive: making fire and being found. It features a flare launcher which can shoot flares, bear bangers, comet flares, and whistlers, with standard flares that come in red, green and white. The included 3.5 feet of paracord with a fire starter core means you’ll be able to get some heat going, and the multi-use spike can be used for digging or creating a snare. Oh, and yeah, it’s a pen too, which you can use to create a map, keep track of time, or write your memoirs on tree bark as you wait for a rescue. [Purchase]

Endure Survival Pen 2

Endure Survival Pen 3