Emperor 200 Gaming Chair

For those who want to up their gaming status and break away from the newbs of the world, there’s the Emperor 200 gaming chair. With an appearance suited more for a Universal Studios ride, this gaming setup of epic proportions serves as a harbinger into the future of the virtual reality world.

Each Emperor 200 is hand built to your exact requirements and features a touch screen control center, because you know, it is your throne and all. What’s also available is an air filtration system to keep the atmosphere around you as fresh as your gaming skills. And, because comfort is key to any emperor, each gaming chair is composed of fine Italian leather and light therapy, so you don’t feel guilty about not leaving your house for a month. To top all this off, each chair comes equipped with up to three 27-inch LED screens and a Bose sound system, all encompassed in a fluid, scorpion-type design that’ll pierce the soul of all who enter. Available for $49,000. [Purchase]

Emperor 200 Gaming Chair 02

Emperor 200 Gaming Chair 03

Emperor 200 Gaming Chair 04