Emory’s Porsche ‘Outlaw 911K’ Is A Racing-Inspired One-Off Beauty

There are a lot of folks out there who consider any aftermarket alterations to a classic car to be pure blasphemy. But we’re of the mindset that, when done with deference and obsessive levels of care, a restomod automotive icon can be even better than its factory-built counterparts. Or at least that’s the case with the Porsche ‘Outlaw 911K’ from Emory Motorsports.

It’s interesting to see this build come out of the Emory workshop, as the customizers there primarily focus on renovating 356s, but this one was a one-time commission for a special client. Based on a 1968 911 SWB, this German beauty was made to pay tribute to Porsche’s prototype 908-010 race car — once piloted by Vic Elford. On top of its stunning appearance, this car also received a special 2.5L twin-plug six-cylinder engine souped up to produce 190 horsepower. Furthermore, it’s received a number of other racing-inspired upgrades — like a special yellow-on-white livery (ripped right off the 908), air horns, auxiliary lights, MOMO 5-point competition harnesses, a removable roll bar, and plenty more. Another brilliantly-executed ride from Emory, the ‘Outlaw 911K’ is a surefire head-turner if there ever was one.

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