Jane Atfield’s Recycled RCP2 Chair Reissued for Its 30th Anniversary

With sustainable furniture becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth looking back and paying tribute to the pioneers behind it. British designer Jane Atfield brought her gorgeous RCP2 chair to the forefront three decades ago, and it was the very first to be composed of fully-recycled consumer materials. In celebration of the chair’s pioneering ways, the Manhattan-based Emma Scully Gallery produced a re-edition of this eccentric home design relic.

Atfield’s intention when designing the iconic piece of home decor was to shed a light on issues of consumerism and waste, having composed the RCP2 from nothing but recycled plastics. As an alumnus of the prestigious Royal College of Art, Atfield stumbled upon a piece of recycled, high-density plastic board sheets, and she ultimately commissioned the material’s manufacturers to assemble her prototype chair.

The three colors in this new set consist of the original rainbow-speckled prototype, a blue rendition made by Atfield’s firm MADE OF WASTE, as well as a brand-new sleek black-and-white speckled pair. In addition to this stylish trio, there is a matching table for each one at the Emma Scully Gallery’s exhibit.

While the exhibit in this gallery sounds interesting, not everyone is based in Manhattan to pay it a visit. However, that doesn’t restrict you from adding this luxurious chair to your living room. Each color of Jane Atfield’s RCP2 Chair is available to purchase on 1st Dibs for $3,500.

Purchase: $3,500