Emerson’s Carnivore Folder Is A Backcountry Blade For Steak Lovers

Some people stay away from meat, and that’s okay, but others love to devour steaks with the fervor of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The Emerson Knives Carnivore Folding Steak Knife is perfect for meat-lovers who are tired of using a dull blade at the campsite for a thick, juicy cut.

The Carnivore is a rugged folder with a 3.9-inch 154CM stone-washed blade that can slice through a Tomahawk Steak with relative ease. It has a G-10 handle designed to provide you with a reliable grip so you can wrap your fingers around it securely for precision handling. The knife also comes in an alternate handle made from an environmentally-friendly composite that’s grained and hued like wood. You can take the Carnivore with you to cut up backcountry meals or use it at the dinner table when the knife provided isn’t up to par. Grab the perfect USA-made tool for steak connoisseurs now for $265.

Purchase: $265