Emergency Nap Kit

The nap is a weapon you really need in your arsenal. Whether it’s the power nap, the cat nap, or the I-really-need-to-sleep-off-these-margaritas nap, a brief sleep can be a vital asset when making your way through the workday. But aside from Linus, nobody walks around with the necessary ingredients for an impromptu slumber. That’s why someone invented the Emergency Nap Kit. Thanks, guy.

Consisting of an inflatable plastic mattress and a full length sleeping suit, you’ve got all you need to grab 40 winks while camping, during a delay at the airport, an overnight at the office, or as you wait in line for Michael Bolton tickets. Will you look ridiculous as you do it? We’re gonna go with an emphatic “yes.” But what do you care? You’ll be sleeping. [Purchase]