Porsche & Embraer Introduce A Luxurious 911 Turbo S & Private Jet ‘Duet’

If you’re a regular reader of our website, you can attest to the fact that high-profile collaborations aren’t all that rare. Every day, a new partnership takes grasp of the industry for a brief stint, enamoring us with its lavish nature. Now, Embraer and Porsche have come together to create what is, perhaps, the most luxurious of them all — a co-opted private jet that arrives alongside a “free,” limited-edition 911 Turbo S.

The “Duet” collection, as it’s become known, will feature only ten Phenom 300E business jets, with each accompanied by a bespoke 911 Turbo S variant. To enhance their partnership, the sporty coupe and airborne platform will be dressed in a similar shade and hue, opting for a Platinum Silver Metallic primary, and satin-gloss Jet Gray Metallic accents. As you head inside of the 911, you’ll be greeted with an illuminated “No step” sign before admittance to its Manufaktur division interior, which has been designed to mimic the Phenom’s aviation-savvy cockpit. To round things out, an exclusively-designed luggage set, car cover, and 1919 Globetimer UTC watch will be given to each buyer, marking their admittance into one of the world’s premier traveling clubs. Head to Porsche’s website for more information on the partnership.

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