Ember Ceramic Smart Mug

There aren’t a whole lot of things in life that are perfect. You can grow old and die without ever having that perfect house, car, or job. But now, thanks to Ember’s Ceramic Mug, you can at least have the perfect temperature coffee or tea.

The mug has a heating element located at its base that communicates with your smart phone or smart watch – making it easy to choose and save your favorite temperatures. Have a different preferred temperature for coffee than you do for tea? No worries. Just plug in one of your pre-sets and you’ll be good to go. While the hardware and software that comes with this mug is impressive, what really sets it apart is its design. Rather than going for a big, braggadocios look, the mug features a slim, simplistic white design that is clean enough to make you think there might be something special about it.

Purchase: $79