Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Loop

We have yet to meet a person who doesn’t despise being stuck in traffic. It’s time-consuming, claustrophobic, annoying, and boring (no pun intended). Elon Musk thinks he has an answer, however, in a subterranean transport system being built by The Boring Company, called simply, the Loop.

For the first time, we got a look at how the system actually works and, we’ve gotta say, it’s pretty impressive. The present test-track can be found in Hawthorne, a city to the south of Los Angeles that’s also (surprise, surprise) home to SpaceX. Presently, the system is comprised of a 1.14-mile underground track connected by two elevator platforms. These elevators lower any electric, autonomous car down into the tunnel and then, with the assistance of a retractable wheel gear and rail system, will propel said car at speeds up to 150 mph. The Loop is still in its beginning research phase, but it does look to have a promising future.

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