Ellusionist Pyro Fire Shooting Pen

Back in 2014, Ellusionist lit up our devilish spirits by giving us the power to shoot fireballs from our wrists. Now they’ve outdone themselves with their Bond-worthy Pyro Fire Shooting Pen, which seems to come straight from the Q Branch.

Prototyped by Jared Manley, the Special Effects Supervisor on Game of Thrones, this fire-shooting pen is the third creation in the Pyro series. Reminiscent of a Sharpie, the action-ready pen can shoot a fireball up to 10 feet at the push of a discreet button. For your safety, the button needs to be held down for three seconds before the device turns on. A blue LED light will signal you when the device is set to fire as a further precaution. The gadget works with flash paper, which is paper designed to ignite rapidly and burn immediately, limiting the potential of any critical damage. And, it’s a fully functioning marker too, in case you want to jot anything down. The Pyro Pen is the perfect gadget to go with your suit and tie, and it’s available now.

Purchase: $80