Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

When it comes to keeping your bike safe from thieves, it can be hard to find the ideal solution. Big, tough locks are great – but they weigh a ton. Small locks are easy to bring along, but can get snapped easily. The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock is an attempt to find a happy middle ground.

More than just a bunch of steel, this solar powered lock features an integrated accelerometer that alerts users if it gets suddenly moved or jolted by a would-be thief. Thanks to the built-in smarts on this thing, the lock doesn’t require a key-hole. All you have to do to open it up is to pull up the accompanying app, tap the unlock button, and it’ll click on open. Worried about hackers? Don’t be. Lattis used bank-level security to keep this futuristic safe from tech savvy miscreants. Unlike your phone or computer, however, the Ellipse can withstand all kinds of tough weather and less than ideal conditions and still thrive. Just one hour of sunlight on the solar panels will keep it charged up for a week. Want to share your bike with your friends or family? Ellipse makes that easy, too. Using the app you can simply share lock privileges with select friends so they can just pick it up and go. Safety and security should always be this easy. Prices are set at $200. [Purchase]