Eli ZERO Electric Vehicle

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and Eli electric vehicles has created the perfect vehicle for you to cruise through it. Intended as a vehicle for short-distance transportation, the Eli ZERO electric vehicle is perfect for personal, proximal travel.

The Eli ZERO will stop traffic, but not just for its attractive design. With a max speed of 25 mph, this personal vehicle is meant for short trips – to the gym, the corner store, or to a nearby friend’s house. Eli predicates its company on their vision of a future in which personal vehicles are a major mode of travel through large cities. The Eli ZERO may be the first step in demonstrating that a short-distance personal vehicle is all one needs for life in the big city. It certainly has the technology. Six hours of charging from a conventional outlet (4.5 hours at an EV charging station) is all the ZERO requires to restore its power fully, and with 160 L of trunk space, it’s spacious enough to hold groceries and essential items. A bevy of unique features, from auto-lock to automatic braking – streamline the process of transport. Full of unique features, the Eli is still relatively no-frills, encouraging drivers to spend less time speeding through neighborhoods inattentively, and more time slowing down to smell the roses.

Purchase: $ 7,899+