Elevate Briefcase Grill

It seems that the more portable something is, the more likely it is to fail or go off the reservation and do things you never wanted or needed. Well, that isn’t true for the Elevate Grill. Cast iron grilling sides that can run on your basic camping propane tank, 286 sq. inches of real estate, and a dual-clamshell body that turns into a briefcase, and this is the big, reliable, portable grill you need for camping cookouts.

On one side is a storage compartment that just fits your propane cylinder along with grill tool and attachment valve. When deployed for action, you not only get a dynamite grilling surface, but you get the ability to select dueling heat zones for cooking meat and veggies or just using one side as a warming and prep station. Simple hinges and handles keep the moving parts down so failure is not an option. [Purchase]

Elevate Grill 2