GDesign’s Elettracker Is A Proton-Powered ‘V-Twin’ Board Track Racer Moto Tribute

Photos: Mattia Negrini

Peaking in popularity in the 1920s, board track racing was one of the earliest forms of motorcycle competition, taking primitive machines with no brakes to triple-digit speeds on banked tracks comprised of wooden planks. Deadly to both racers and spectators, board track racing eventually phased out of popularity, though it remains a crucial part of motorized two-wheeled history. In a bid to honor this early genre of motorcycle, Italian custom moto shop, GDesign has created a fully-electric homage to antique board track racers from over a century ago dubbed the “Elettracker.”

Built around a custom hard-tailed tubular chassis with a bespoke Truss-style fork, the Elettracker boasts a pair of cylindrical battery housings that mimic the form of early air-cooled V-Twin engines that previously powered board trackers in the early 1900s. Other custom details include a front number board, a custom tank suspended between the two pieces of the frame’s dual top-tubes, bronze inverted bar-end levers paired with hand-wrapped leather grips, a braced tractor-style seat with a matching brown leather saddle, thin spoked wheels shod in old-school white tires, modern disc brakes front and aft, and a beautiful one-off faux-patinated race livery laid down by Arianna Crippa of Lake Design.

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