Elemnt Marble MacBook Cover

Apple limits their customers color choices to just a few options – rose gold, silver, space gray, and gold. Those are by no means bad choices, but who wants to be confined to the basic set of options? Elemnt’s covers for the Air, Macbook, and Macbook Pro totally disregard those limitations and opt for something that both looks and feels different – genuine marble.

This marble, sourced from Milan, Italy comes with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application to your computer that you can take off without damage (who knows? maybe you don’t want a tricked out marble computer forever). Each piece is individually made to order at the company’s warehouse in New York, so you won’t ever end up running into someone with the same carbon-copied pattern on their laptop. Customers get the option to choose between either a black or white stone for the computer at a cost of $150. [Purchase]

Elemnt Marble MacBook Cover 02

Element Marble Laptop Cover 1

Element Marble Laptop Cover 2