The eBussy Is A Modular Electric Van Offering 10 Different Drop-On Body Styles

As battery and electric powertrain technology has rapidly evolved over the past decade, the electric vehicle industry has gone from an emerging segment to an increasingly well-established sector that’s now permeating the commercial market. And this trend now continues with the introduction of an all-new modular EV platform known as the eBussy.

The vehicle is based on an electric platform truck that can be outfitted with one of ten different modular body and shell designs that allow the vehicle to lend itself to a variety of applications. All four wheels of the eBussy are driven by in-wheel motors that individually make 20hp and collectively allow for a massive 737.5ft-lbs of torque and an ability to transport just over 2.2 tons of cargo while weighing in at between 992lbs and 1,322lbs. Taking obvious inspiration from Volkswagen’s Type 2 van, the eBussy is equipped with roof-integrated solar panels that provide an average supplementary 125 miles of autonomy per day, while a fully-charged battery (assisted by those same solar panels) yields a range of just over 370 miles. Options include pick-up versions, a station wagon, a panel van, and an off-road camper, with prices starting at $18,280 and up to $33,300. More information is available via the link below.

Purchase: $18,280+