Electric Stacker Sunglasses

Finding a pair of shades that both look good and can still preform in a variety of different situations ranging from cycling to hiking and climbing is more than tough. Pretty much any way you cut it, you either end up compromising on style or utility. The folks at Electric were tired of having to work with what they saw as sub-par sunglasses, so they went about making their own pair. Introducing the Stacker Sunglasses.

Equipped with a removable eye mask, wearers of these shades remain protected from dust, dirt, and glare without fogging up their lenses thanks to a patented ventilation system. Constructed with a flexible but firm Grylamid frame that comes with soft silicone nose and ear grips that reduce grip instead of slip. Whether you are going to be hitting the road with your bike or hiking through the Sierra Nevada range – these shades are going to be up for the challenge again and again. Pick you your own pair starting at $180. [Via]
Purchase: $180

Electric Stacker Sunglasses 1

Electric Stacker Sunglasses 2

Electric Stacker Sunglasses 3