Electric Electrolite Snowboard Goggles

If you’re getting pumped about snowboarding season, it’s about that time to start thinking about picking up some new gear. And one of the things you absolutely cannot do without is a solid pair of goggles. Not only do they protect your eyes from freezing winter winds and whatever stray debris gets kicked up in the air, but they can actually save you from seriously damaging your eyes. They can be, however, a bit unwieldy at time. That’s why Electric, a brand that has been making superb eyewear for over a decade and a half, built their Electrolite Snowboard Goggles – the lightest they’ve ever created.

The mold-injected 100% EVA frame is extremely lightweight (just 77 grams total) and low-profile, making for very easy lens swaps whenever conditions change without any notice. And the included fixed, thermo-formed, dual cylindrical, anti-reflective lenses offer 100% UV protection and come with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. These goggles also feature the world’s first 100% thermo-set compression molded silicone strap with integrated adjusters, making them the world’s most technically advanced goggles. And you can pick up a pair starting at just $140. [Purchase]

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